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Fast and Effective Root Canal Therapy in Scottsdale

Our goal at AccuCare Dental is to restore your mouth to the most natural state possible. Often times, a neglected cavity or trauma will expose the root of a tooth to possible infection & microbial invasion. Our dentists will almost always recommend root canal therapy in these cases.

The benefits of this procedure are many. Root canal therapy prevents future tooth root infection, preserves jaw bone, and maintains the facial contours of your jaw.

Suffering From Dental Pain?

If your tooth is suffering from a large crack, cavity, severe pain, or an abscess, our doctors may recommend root canal therapy to save it. If the idea makes you feel nervous, don’t let it! This is the most effective way of preventing the microbial invasion to the root of your tooth and possible infection.

Root canal therapy procedures have advanced A LOT since the beginning of the 2000’s. Today’s tooth canal therapy is pain-free, fast, and effective.

Modern Root Canal Therapy Enhances Your Comfort

Root canal therapy is now a relatively painless procedure. Your comfort is always our priority. Once your procedure is completed, a dental crown will be placed to protect your tooth from further damage.

If we are unable to save a tooth with a root canal, our doctors may recommend that we extract the tooth and place a same-day dental implant while you are still numb. Now THAT is convenience!

Contact our Scottsdale office if you are having any pain or have been diagnosed as needing a root canal.

Still Anxious About Root Canal Therapy?

If the thought of a root canal still worries you, you’re not alone. Did you know that 70% of all people have fear or anxiety of the dentist? That’s why we offer all of our patients sedation for surgical procedures like root canal therapy. Our sedation options will help you relax and make the entire experience painless.