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Comprehensive Dental Evaluation in Scottsdale

Woman receiving a comprehensive dental evaluationKnowing where your health currently stands is crucial for making informed decisions and taking charge of your own wellness. At AccuCare Dental, we provide much more than mere dental cleaning.

We accurately and thoroughly document every patient’s unique health status and situation so that we can help you can determine the best possible path towards your own optimum health.

Comprehensive Dental Evaluation: Examination, X-Rays & Photographic Images

At AccuCare Dental, our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive dental evaluation that exceeds industry expectations. We accomplish this through the following.

  • History: To start with, we consider your chief complaint (i.e. “why are you here?”), your concerns and your expectations. Your dental and medical history will be reviewed to identify predisposing conditions and medications that may be affecting your current or future dental condition, as well as your treatment options.
  • Current Status: We then determine your current dental status by gathering and evaluating the diagnostic data. This usually includes a general dental health assessment (your overall dental health, oral hygiene, risks for tooth or root decay, gum and bone disease), x-rays and photographs, oral cancer screening, occlusal analysis, periodontal probing/charting, orthodontic screening and a thorough assessment of each tooth for decay, fractures, and the condition of existing dental work. Nothing gets past us.
  • Goals: We then combine the findings and observations from your history and diagnostic data to review with you. When you are given this information in non-technical terms you are able to decide what your goals are and then we can determine what treatment options are available to best meet your goals. Lastly, these goals and options are written down into your treatment plan.

We use cutting-edge technology such as VELscope screening for early cancer detection. We typically provide 41 x-rays and photographic images to gain a comprehensive understanding of your oral health status. If even more detail is needed a 3D scan will be taken. You’ll walk out of our office with much more than a simple dental cleaning.

The goal of our comprehensive dental evaluation is to provide you with a plethora of information so we can take measures to stop further damage or disease before it progresses. “Knowledge Is Power” and our Comprehensive Dental Evaluation puts the power into your hands.

Take a Proactive Approach to Your Health

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, that’s fine – we understand. Our friendly and experienced team is here to make you as comfortable as possible. We want to help you get your oral health back on track.

Call AccuCare Dental today to schedule an appointment at (480) 998-8073. We’re welcoming new patients and we offer affordable in-office dental plans as well as many insurance plans.