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Your Questions Answered: Should You Try Teeth Whitening in Scottsdale? 

Written By AccuCare Dental Centers, PC on November 29, 2019

Woman with Teeth Whitening How would you like to have a gorgeous, bright, smile? 

You can have it quickly and easily with teeth whitening in Scottsdale from your dental team at AccuCare Dental 

Read on to find out more about getting a bright, beautiful smile. Common Questions Patients Ask About Teeth Whitening in Scottsdale 

  1. Will My Teeth Be Sensitive? 

In some cases, tooth sensitivity can occur. Today’s products are so well-made, though, that the chance of sensitivity is less than it used to be. If you do experience some sensitivity, your dental team can give you products to reduce your discomfort. 

  1. How White Can My Teeth Get? 

In most cases, the teeth can get one to three shades lighter. However, if there’s some intrinsic stain (stain inside the teeth) or extra-heavy staining on the outer layer of the enamel, extra steps may need to be taken to achieve optimal whitening. You can discuss what steps you specifically need to take to get to the level of white you really want. 

  1. Will Whitening Brighten My Fillings and Crowns, Too? 

Whitening products only whiten the enamel. If you want to whiten your fillings or crowns, you’ll need to talk to your Scottsdale dentist about replacing them, so they match your enamel. Are You Ready to Get a Beautiful Smile? 

Our Providers at AccuCare Dental want to give you a smile you’ll be proud to show off. A great way to achieve that is with teeth whitening in Scottsdale, a dental procedure that’s fast, effective, safe, and affordable. 

Are you interested in learning more about teeth whitening, or would you like to set up an appointment to get the process started? Call us today at 480-998-8073 to get scheduled! 

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