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6 Reasons Preventative Dental Care is Important

Written By AccuCare Dental Centers, PC on June 5, 2019

Woman receiving dental carePeople put-off visiting the dentist for several reasons including fear, cost, and accessibility. However, preventative dentistry is critical for avoiding countless problems and complications.

As many as 60% of people around the world have some kind of “dental anxiety” while up to 10% have a specific dental phobia.

At AccuCare Dental Centers, we strive to provide a comfortable and anxiety-free environment for everyone to reap the benefits of comprehensive dental care. Here’s why preventative care is so important.

Why Bother with Preventative Dental Care?

Preventative dental care can help you take control of your overall health. Here are just a few benefits:

  1. Save money by nipping dental issues in the bud before they turn into major problems.

  2. Minimize the number and frequency of future dental visits.

  3. Identify early signs of cancer, sleep apnea, diabetes and heart disease to take proactive measures.

  4. Learn about the effects of important lifestyle changes such as smoking, diet, and dental maintenance.

  5. Stay on-top of at-home oral hygiene and current industry guidelines for maintaining optimum oral health.

  6. Learn about your risk for developing problems based on your health history and lifestyle.

Compassionate Dentistry for Everyone in Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Bradley J. Willcox is currently a NAVY Reservist with decades of experience providing comprehensive and compassionate dental care to troops, their families and everyday “civilian” patients.

AccuCare Dental Centers strives to create a comforting and relaxing environment to ease even the most anxious patients. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while – and you know it is time to get your oral health back on track – we invite you to come in and visit us – you will appreciate the difference. We are accepting new patients; accept most dental plans and we’d love the chance to make you smile too.

Take a proactive approach to dental and overall health. Schedule an appointment at AccuCare Dental Centers today by calling 480-998-8073.

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